Barbers. Finding The One. A Good One. 


From the deep thoughts of Luis Neto mind he wonders…

Ask anyone who cuts and styles their hair and they will tell you that “finding a good barber is like finding a good lawyer, you stick with the same one”. so how do you know if you have found THE ONE.

1 – Care For The Hair

Ever stepped off a barber’s chair and straight into a hat store or worse still, ever stepped off the chair and felt the need to hang a Missing poster for your hair line? That barber is not your friend. Your hair is your crown and if you don’t feel 100% royal with your new cut then maybe it’s time to move on. And remember, finding a new barber is like getting into a new relationship – you don’t jump headfirst into something new without testing the waters. Go on a few dates, try a few different options and when you find the one, you will just know it.

2 – The space 

The barber shop is a sacred space and if you don’t feel at home then maybe it’s time to move on. Every couple of weeks you give yourself a quick moment to be groomed and cared for so you can keep that swagger and rule your kingdom in style. Everything from the conversation to the chairs you sit on should bring you nothing but comfort. You get to escape the wider world for a moment and do you. You should feel relaxed and it should feel easy.

  1. Time

Your time is precious and having a life shouldn’t get in the way of looking good. Find a stylist that will meet you on your terms. Getting a haircut is a luxury as well as a necessity so when you need one it should be done in the luxury of your own time. That’s why we offer an after hours service. If you work unsocial hours, we got you.

Those are just three quick tips to help you on your way, but it ultimately comes down to one word. Value. Are you as valuable to your barber as your time, money and hair is to you?

Be part of the Luis Neto brand that welcomes all people from different cultural backgrounds to enjoy the experience of looking good and feeling good. With 20 years of experience, Luis Neto has travelled the world, learning different techniques and styles to add to his repertoire. He has gained a wealth of skills and is, therefore, able to be incredibly creative. However, ultimately Luis will always respond to and respect the customer’s wishes.


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